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Choosing the Right Pattern Equipment for Your Project

Quality metal casting requires choosing the right pattern equipment for your component. You have many choices in pattern types so it’s best to consult with your foundry before having patterns made. Here are some general guidelines for making this selection: Prototypes: Inexpensive, possibly loose-molded wood patterns. Low Volume or Small Batch Runs: Hardwood patterns mounted on boards. […]

Sand Castings vs Investment Castings

Sand Castings vs Investment Castings. Sand castings typically hold a tolerance plus or minus .020 up to 10 per inch then add ±.001/in after that  depending on the pattern equipment used and whether they use no bake sand or green sand. Investment or lost wax castings will generally hold a tolerance of  plus or minus  […]

Cast Iron vs. Cast Steel

One of our clients asked me which one is better for cast iron vs cast steel. I will have to say, no one is better. The question is which one is more suited to your products. First, let us know what is cast iron and cast steel. Cast iron usually refers to gray iron, ductile iron […]

What is an Alloy?

An alloy is a substance having metallic properties and composed of two or more chemical elements of which at least one is metal. You get different specific types of metal by combining the base alloy with other alloys to bring steel, iron, aluminum, brass, bronze or any other grade of material to a specific grade […]
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