Investment Castings Supplier

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Investment castings offer many advantages over sand casting and other processes. Our investment casting supplier partner produces close tolerance investment casting for the commercial market. 

Some of the advantages of using an investment casting over other processes include close tolerances, smooth finish and less machining required.   An investment casting can hold a tolerance of approximately + – .005 per inch.  The casting will have a smooth finish of about 125 RMS and very tough alloys that are hard to machine can be cast to very close tolerances.

The investment castings supplier foundry can pour many alloys. These include but are not limited to low alloy steels, alloy steels, stainless steels – 300 &400 series, 17-4PH, Inconel, cobalt, Aluminum and a few low lead bronzes.  The only iron that we pour is white iron.

A lot of our customers are machine shops or fab shops.  We can cast a part that is very close to the desired end part so machining costs are reduced.  Also a fabricated part may be cast together as one part.

We can supply just a casting or we can do the heat treat or machining or other secondary operations saving time and money.  Give us a chance to quote your metal products. To learn more about casting the various processes and our investment castings supplier please visit our website, or call at (314) 729-0224.