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Take the guesswork out of sourcing

We apply more than 30 years of metal casting production expertise to evaluate your project and ensure that you are connected with a foundry partner that meets your needs.

Guarantee quality casting results

We promise we will place your project with the highest-quality metal casting provider and track its progress from production through shipping and just-in-time delivery.

Eliminate costly casting headaches

We review all aspects of your project to make sure our foundry partner understands the scope in exacting detail. This results in a timely, accurate bid without any unexpected add-on costs.

Metal casting solutions on your schedule.

For more than 30 years, Castings for Industry has helped manufacturers save time, money and problems when choosing a metal caster. Castings for Industry’s customized approach includes explaining the variety of considerations in selecting a foundry as well as the information a metal caster requires to bid your project properly.

Casting Capabilities

We are your source for steel fabrication including heat treating, CNC machining and finishing services from our single source cast houses.

Cast Products

We serve many various industries in need of casting and will meet or exceed your casting specifications, size requirements and product run size.

Your Choice of Metals

Virtually any metal that can be melted can be cast in foundries today. We’ve listed the most common metals used in metal casting for your convenience.

Value Added Services

From fabrication to machining to warehouse operations we have been helping manufacturing companies get the job done according to your scheduled plans. No job is too big or too small for Castings for Industry.