At CFI, we have initiated a number of strategic initiatives to contribute to American manufacturing leadership to assure your cast components conform to your most stringent specifications. We are ready to work with you in component design to assure you are selecting the most efficient metal and mold design. Here are two of the strategies we’ve deployed on your behalf to make “Made In America” your preferred choice both for quality and economic reasons:


OEMs are at the frontline when it comes to meeting consumer demands for environmental sustainability. By manufacturing close to home, you reduce your impact on fuel consumption and other costs related to offshore manufacturing. You also are in a better position to assure your end users of your control of the life cycle management of your products. And you have a much greater control over the purity of the alloy selected for your components.

Lower Costs

Lower costs? Are you serious? Can CFI deliver die cast components at a lower cost than overseas rivals? From where we sit, the bottom line is always the bottom line. What is your Return on Investment (ROI) for reshoring? Does it make dollars, cents and sense for you to return manufacturing to North America? In the US, you will enjoy lower costs for fuel, electricity, transportation, and raw materials sourced locally. You also benefit from production in high-productivity plants which reduce the amount of time required to produce your parts.

Quality is easier for you to manage and control when you make CFI your local choice for a more consistent source of supply. Also contributing to your bottom line as an OEM manufacturing in North America is the elimination of those hidden costs of outsourcing when you eliminate language and cultural barriers, currency exchange rates, and higher reject rates.

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