metal casting capabilities

Foundry technician pouring molten aluminum.

Choosing a design and metal alloy is just a start. We at Castings For Industry will help you navigate and determine the manufacturing process that best fits your particular production requirement (Investment Casting, Sand Casting, Green Sand Molding, No-Bake Casting, Permanent Mold or Die Casting).There are a number of factors driving this selection process: alloy, geometry, size, surface finish, wall thickness, tolerances, draft, machining requirements and quantities required in a given timeframe.

After determining the optimal casting process we will source the parts to one of our manufacturing partners who invest in the latest equipment and quality techniques, providing quality assurance at all stages of production.

Castings for Industry brings more than 35 years of casting production expertise. We will:

  • Match you to the foundry whose capabilities best meets your needs.
  • Engineer a better solution to assure higher quality and affordable part production.
  • Assure quality throughout every step.
  • Assign your complete project to a single source supplier

Weight Range

Ounces to 9000 lbs.



CNC Lathes, CNC Milling Centers, Milling Machines, Drill Press, Surface Grinder, Tool Grinder, Cut off Saws, Coordinate Measure Machine.

Hardware, Miscellaneous, and Proprietary Items (Inventory Sales)

Not only is Inventory Sales Co. the largest privately owned fastener distributor in the Midwest, boasting 660,000 square feet of warehouse, it also offers logistical services for customers, providing the same great just-in-time delivery and cost savings on proprietary items as on standard stock fasteners.

Inventory Sales Company maintains 111,561 SKUs in inventory including:
Fasteners: Bolts, Screws, Nuts, Washers, Pins, Threaded Rods, etc.
Strut: Channel, Accessory Plates, Clamps, Nuts, Bases, etc.
Studs: Arc Welded and Capacitor Discharge Studs, Pins, Headed Anchors, Deformed Bar Anchors, etc.

Inventory Sale Company also offers logistical services for customers such that it will source proprietary items and hold annual usage in inventory for just in time shipments. Customers who use these services enjoy lower pricing from I SC’s bulk purchasing power, pricing held for one year, safety stock, enhanced cash flows, and reduced warehouse requirements.

Finally, Inventory Sales Co.’s steel fabrication shop is a job shop which makes and ships nationwide: embedment plates, stampings, machined parts, custom fabricated parts.


We are your source for the steel fabrication. Our 80,000 sq. ft. facility houses 8 press brakes, 10 press punches, 3 iron workers, 4 shears, 6 welders, 3 spot welders, 3 thread rollers, 8 band saws, various screw machines, mills and lathes. For over 25 years we have supplied custom
parts to customers and job site around the country. Highway, high rise, power generation plants, naval yards, army bases… Our fabrications are holding together this great country! We look forward to serving you!

Fabrication Equipment List