Castings For Industry is the premier source for all types of castings from carbon steel, gray or ductile iron; aluminum to zinc; sand, permanent mold, die or investment castings in low, medium or high production range - we can supply it all. Give us a call! (314) 729-0224 or GET YOUR FREE QUOTE NOW

Founded 30 years ago by two professionals having over 50 years of combined experience in the casting industry we have concentrated our efforts on assembling an array of foundries which excel in producing quality product in your time frame. We can bring to the table the expertise you need to make the right casting decisions on new or existing projects.

We will analyze all aspects of your needs-delivery, quantity, quality, price, and repeatability and match you to a foundry that will meet those needs. Sure, you may find a high production run foundry that is hungry for your low production run today but what happens six months down the road when they're too busy to run your work? Or maybe you have a wear problem with the alloy you currently use; we can work with you to engineer a better material. In short, we pride ourselves on matching your needs to the right foundry.

We've worked with companies of all sizes from the local Mom & Pops to the Fortune 500's in a variety of industries: OEM, electrical utilities, steel mills, heavy equipment manufacturing, aerospace, mining and construction. Give us a chance you won't be sorry!

For your convenience we have attached a request for information by which you can provide information to help us assess your casting needs.