Centrifugal Casting

The essential feature of Centrifugal Casting is the introduction of molten metal into a mold which is rotated during solidification of the casting. The centrifugal force is relied upon for shaping and feeding the molten metal with the utmost detail as the liquid metal is thrown by the force of gravity into the designed crevices and detail of the mold.

This method is ideally suited to the castings of cylindrical shapes but the outer shape may be modified by the use of special techniques. Normally, metal molds are used and molten metal is poured into the rotating mold which may spin about on a horizontal or vertical axis. The centrifugal force improves both homogeneity and accuracy.


Centrifugal Casting improves homogeneity and accuracy in special circumstances.


Limitations on shape of castings. Normally restricted to the production of cylindrical geometry shapes.