Inventory Sales: Hardware, Miscellaneous & Proprietary Items

Inventory Sales Co. is the largest privately owned fastener distributor in the Midwest, boasting 660,000 square feet of warehouse. The company also offers logistical services for customers, providing the same great just-in-time delivery and cost savings on proprietary items as on standard stock fasteners.

Inventory Sales Company maintains 111,561 SKUs in inventory including:

Fasteners:  Bolts, Screws, Nuts, Washers, Pins, Threaded Rods, etc.
Strut:  Channel, Accessory Plates, Clamps, Nuts, Bases, etc.
Studs:  Arc Welded and Capacitor Discharge Studs, Pins, Headed Anchors, Deformed Bar Anchors, etc.

Fastener Distributor | Inventory SalesWe also provide logistical services for customers who require sourcing proprietary items and annual usage in inventory for just in time shipments.  Customers who use these services enjoy lower pricing from ISC’s bulk purchasing power, pricing held for one year, safety stock, enhanced cash flows and reduced warehouse requirements.

Inventory Sales Co.’s steel fabrication shop is a job shop that makes and ships nationwide: embedment plates, stampings, machined parts and custom fabricated parts.

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